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Litigation Overview

Unfortunately, we live in a fallen world.  Especially, here in California, litigation (lawsuits) are a part of life.  Lawsuits are frustrating, time consuming and costly. Yet, at times, litigation becomes inevitable.

When litigation does become necessary, The Alvarez Firm’s experienced attorneys fight with skill and precision for your case in state or Federal court.  What’s more, we evaluate the potential benefits and costs of your case, so you can make the best decision on how to proceed.  We are well-aware of the high costs of litigation and we strive to work with special efficiency to obtain excellent outcomes.  

Our experienced litigators benefit from their collaboration with their transactional colleagues.  Knowing how deal makers and estate planners build their documents, deals, and estate plans allows our litigators to quickly, efficiently, and effectively develop a strong and clear strategy for the best litigation outcomes.

In many cases, settlement discussions and mediation can be excellent tools to avoid the high emotional, financial, and opportunity costs of litigation.  The Alvarez Firm’s litigators have a high degree of success in obtaining quality settlements for their clients in mediation.

Whether this is a business or real estate deal gone wrong, an insurance company that won’t stand behind its policies, or a family dispute over a parent’s legacy, The Alvarez Firm’s team of litigators can tell your story of injustice in a compelling way that moves a jury or judge.

While we hope you never have the need for help from our litigators, we welcome your call to discuss any problems you may be facing.