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Advance Health Care Directives Overview

Advance Health Care Directives

The Advance Health Care Directive is probably the most important and most neglected component of an estate plan. While a will and trust govern an individual’s belongings after their death, The Advance Health Care Directive controls the physical person during their life, governs what they will feel and even determines at times, when life will end.

Many Advance Health Care Directives do not address the nuances of medical care and moral ethics that surround medical and end of life choices. They often present a false dichotomy: either end your life immediately or spare no cost at prolonging life as long as possible. But the options are not that simple or extreme. Most people find their wishes somewhere in between these two extremes after examining carefully the ethical and medical nuances of treatment.

Mr. Alvarez has dedicated countless hours of time to developing a focused questionnaire and Advance Health Care Directive that address many of the fine distinctions of medical treatments and moral decisions. This questionnaire provides choices that will help most people, regardless of their religious persuasion, to find the options that capture their wishes and beliefs.