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Probate, Trust and Conservatorship

Probate, Trust and Conservatorship

Our family should be the last place where disputes over money and control bring enmity among one another.  Unfortunately, in this fallen world, even among the best of families, differences and disputes can arise.  In some cases these are driven by a child’s true desire for the best interests of a parent.  In other situations, it is driven by a greed and narcissism that, unfortunately, has permeated our culture.

Regardless of the cause, The Alvarez Firm’s probate, trust, and elder care team is there to help family members resolve their disputes.  In many cases, we are able to do this through direct communication with the opposing side, at times using the tool of a mediation settlement process to reach resolution.  Our goal always is to reach resolution with the least familial discord and the least cost.

Unfortunately at times, an obstinate family member may make a settled resolution impossible.  In that case, the litigation team will drive your matter all the way to the courtroom.  The Alvarez Firm’s team of litigators can tell your story of injustice in a compelling way that moves a jury or judge.

While we hope that your family never encounters disputes in probate, trust, or capacity matters, The Alvarez Firm stands ready to help you resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible while preserving as much family integrity as possible.  We welcome your call to discuss any particular dispute you or your family may be facing.