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Real Estate Litigation

The Alvarez Firm’s litigators have handled virtually every kind of real estate dispute.  Whether a buyer or seller is seeking to wrongfully terminate a purchase and sale agreement, or whether your neighbor now claims to own part of your land in a lot line dispute, or whether an out-of-control government organization is trying to wrongfully limit your ability to use your property, The Alvarez Firm has handled it.

When litigation does become necessary, The Alvarez Firm’s experienced attorneys fight with skill and precision for your case.  What’s more, we evaluate the potential benefits and its likely costs of each legal tool available.  Using every tool in the legal belt may not deliver the best legal value for you.  We are cognizant of the high costs of litigation and do our best to be markedly efficient in how we deliver legal services and excellent outcomes. 

In many cases, settlement discussions and mediation can be excellent tools to avoid the high emotional, financial, and opportunity costs of litigation.  The Alvarez Firm’s litigators have a high degree of success in obtaining quality settlements for their clients that minimize these costs. 

While we hope you never have the need for help from our litigators, we welcome your call to discuss any problems you may be facing.